About us

About us 
A stitch in time saves nine.
It is easy to open a business, but it is hard to keep it open 
JOT Computer /been in the business for over 15 years
Who are we?
Out there when most big-name factories are busy complicating an OEM/ODM project in order to make a high price , our owner, also the general engineer, Mr. Wong, on the other hand has been investing his experience on 15 years’ of research and development to fulfil most brand owner’s underlying quest for a more efficiently, economically and expeditious OEM/ODM project.
As an OEM&ODM case development team working in Shenzhen, we are fully aware of how 1.Insufficient technical know-hows 2.Lengthy development process 3.Expensive mold charge could be key inhibitors for start-ups embarking on differentiated keyboard/mouse business.That is why we have been setting our sights on building something simple, something that could save both energy& money from the beginning of the project.

A garment should be finished in the mind, but not mended on the hand.

A tight spot
The maturity of the computer peripherals industry means that the development of a new product must be developed quickly, efficiently and easily to produce.
This demand could be fulfilled by streamlining the development process and integrating design & production.
However, this practice was caught in a tight spot at the outset because not all customers are able to see this valuable idea behind.People tend to stereotype simplicity of R&D and production are nothing but a castles in the air.It is a misconception that the value of a new OEM/ODM project is equivalent to its cumbersome design process and fancy exteriors design.Unfortunately, some brand owners lacking of enough time &energy to push these special project, then is easily misguided by other big-name factories touting for complicated R&D report from whose eyes you could only see their own “medal”.
Eventually after putting their hands on it, users will find out that JOT’s OEM/ODM R&D solution is a real pushover to follow up and mass produce.
Why us
When it comes to your new model development solutions, you have a choice.
A choice between complicated type and simple structure.
Our approach is simple one.
15 years of keyboard &mouse R&D and manufacturing experience says much about the fact that the fragmentation of R & D and production leads to huge cost wastage and poor production, this also makes the whole project much more complicated and time consuming.
At the beginning of the design, we will take into account the commonality of the components and the convenience of production, which makes it easier to form a series of products with sales power.
Good product speaks for itself that it’s always the idea that values.