How to Judge a Comfortable Mouse?
by Apple on Sep 16th 2021
When deciding whether to choose a product, most of the time, the brain is telling us, "wow, this is a great color scheme! " "Oh, my God, it's on sale. Come on. " "Oh, it's already got 5W + reviews. You can't go wrong with it. " "It's so high-end, even better than the one Tina showed last time. ". . . . . . .“

But choosing an office comfortable mouse isn't that complicated. Just close your eyes and hold it, your hand will tell you what it needs, let me tell you my feeling now.

First of all, Apple's hand is 16.2 cm from wrist to fingertip, which is a moderate hand shape for an Asian adult woman. 


I hold the mouse in a crouching position, which is the most suitable position for long time working. The entire movement of the mouse is achieved mainly by the wrist, because of the angle between the mouse and desktop is about 45 degrees, which is the most suitable position for  our forearm , hence when holding this mouse, the wrist is in a natural relaxed state. At the same time, we will find that when we naturally close the palm, it’s with a whole angle as about 145 degrees, so when the palm is on the mouse, the palm of the hand and the arc of the mouse just coincide to the palm of a tight fit, together with the mouse cover from the highest point to the tail up to 8cm slope length, giving the entire palm enough space to support, the palm fully fit on the mouse, the palm is held up by a natural relaxed height, without any feeling of air leakage, giving the palm a full sense of security. Because is mellow streamline slope, coupled with delicate UV surface treatment, the touch feeling really like baby’s face.


The right side of the mouse has a thumb bracket, about 3 cm away from the two side keys, general thumb diameter in 2-2.5 cm or so, so this height is just a thumb can relax, and also can avoid misoperation . After many observations also found that the thumb holder is also slightly slope design, why not a horizontal slope? Just look at your thumb. Does our thumb have a natural curve between our fingers? 


Let's also look at the design of the buttons. There are two independent buttons on the left side. One goes forward, one goes back, and the two buttons are separated by 3 mm. The distance between the two buttons is not too far and the distance is not too close. If it is too close, it is easy to misoperate. The distance of the thumb movement will be increased, the convenience of operation will be reduced, like me, people who do not have long fingers to operate up is also a free movement Ah!


Finally, the entire design of the mouse edge. When the edge of the palm touches the edge of the mouse, there is no sense of a sudden drop. It is a feeling of a very smooth and natural ending ,in order to give you an idea of how I feel, you can image when you look at a piece of Chinese calligraphy, and the last stroke of a character can clearly see the intensity of the ink fading, and then the stroke is over. 


After trying several different mice over and over again, i found the following reason lead this feeling:

1. The distance from mouse vertex to the tail is long enough to bring sufficient space to the palm, hence the tail of the mouse will not prop against the palm sharply.


2. The bottom edge of the mouse is only 5 mm away from the desktop, it leaves little space between the palm and the wrist, so when the palm touch the edge of the mouse will not have a sense of vacated.


3.The tail of the mouse has a down 2mm edge, so that the top & bottom covers will not be installed with a direct 90-degree angle , and also be  coupled with delicate matt UV surface treatment, the mouse edge will not feel prickly.


After using the mouse for a week, my hand said loudly, HE LOVES THIS MOUSE! That it the right office comfortable mouse it needs! Maybe your hand will be the same, so why not have a try and require a sample for testing?